My name is Robin Johnson-Belmear and I am originally from Harrison County. For over 30 years, I have been offering freelance photography services in the Harrison, Marion, and Monongalia County areas. My specializations are weddings and senior portraits, but I also enjoy commericial and art photography. I teach evening community classes for Monongalia County in Basic Digital and SLR photography. As a "day job", I am a Librarian and Photojournalism teacher at Morgantown High School. I hold a BA in education and an MA in guidance counseling.


My philosphy is that the process of  portrait and wedding photography should be fun. It is based on a relaxed and trusting relationship between the photographer and the subject. I love capturing the unexpected and candid moments. Those moments depict the feelings and emotions at that given moment in time. When this type of photograph happens, that special moment is captured forever.


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